“Telmen Construction” company was established in 2007 under the slogan “Best solutions of the new generation” and is building the development of the Mongolian construction industry in last two decade. We have been able to build the value and reputation of the organization with a modern, structures, solutions, high quality material facilities with a beautiful design, also, with a skilled professional team. The company has made contribution to the development of the construction sector. As a result, our construction activities and performance, our team has inscribed in the history of the Mongolian economy, construction and infrastructure sector.
In the past, our company has formed sophisticated team, and acquainted knowledge of entire construction sector. During the years of experience and development, we have been doing business in many fields. We expanded into the Telmen Group, separating families and adding families in many ways. Telmen group has provided services in construction, methane exploration, mining, manufacturing, industrial parks, green energy, gas power plants, stock markets, food and beverage production, and trade and services. The group have successfully completed a number of international and domestic projects. We will sustainably develop socially responsible businesses and maintain ecological balance. Telmen Group aim to become well-known in Mongolia with a reputation in the world market.